Monday, March 29, 2004

D - Dream

I dreamed...

while my eyes dream of becoming liquid
and filtering through my dermis

I dreamed...

while my skin dreamed of touching the deep tangled hairs of the light
and combing with its membranes the grey fog entangled in the sky

I dreamed...

while my brain dreamed of waking up inside a tube that contained all the neurons of the universe and where everything would be connected and in constant transfer of electric signals rushing through the medula towards new born stars

I dreamed...

while my feet dreamed of expanding its fingers and containing buckets of wind and rain and soil so that they could carry all the world over their expanding surface

I dreamed...

while my conciousness dreamed of controlling time and space and molding the limits of perception to the limits of conciousness. So that conciousness and perception could fuse and the eyes could create new measures of time and space that would change every second and create a higher plane of reality. Where the dreams, the images, the voices, the sounds of the world could be connected to an eyelid and in the other eyelid new forms would appear and the process of life would begin again, and again, as the eyelids flickered in continous explosions and the stars slept dreaming of joining their bodies to the void that sorrounded them and left them breathless, trembling in the dark. Until an eyelid would locate them in the sky and the beat of the closing and opening eyelids would carry the same time measure of the blinking star...

I dreamed...

while my body dreamed on... Looking at itself in a mirror of water, the changes that time caused in its structure and the body dreamed of shedding the changes and cristalizing itself as ice that shines through the polar waters...

I dreamed on
and inside my dream every part of my body started dreaming of reaching out inside my dream, to see what I was dreaming

but my dream was invisible...

I dreamed a dream with no images, noises, persons, or objects...

I just dreamed
I dreamed....

Sunday, March 14, 2004

X-ray Picture

El esqueleto
atrapado por las luces de neón
y el fulgor disperso de la noche
atraviesa un campo magnético
y derrama
un vaso de agua

Alguien alcanza al agua en una esquina...

Llueve ferozmente
sobre los huesos

El peso de las membranas y la piel
que conectan todo mi cuerpo
al baile

Desborde incontrolable:
la lengua es de acero
y los besos de yeso y vidrio
asientan su osamenta trituradora
que deviene
en polvo
en aliento brillante
en estrella que abre
el aliento de la pupila
y dibuja un tatuaje
en honor al viento

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